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PCB Assemblies


ITTI’s Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) operations are located in Bangalore, India.

  • ITTI established Printed circuit board assembly division in 2004.
  • ITTI focuses on providing one stop shop for all PCBA requirements including Design, Component sourcing, Assembly and testing.
  • We have state of the art machinery, highly skilled work force and ISO 9001 quality management system with full participation by the entire management team including the CEO.
  • The Facility is housed in a sprawling 46,000 Square foot building in India’s Silicon Valley, the city of Bangalore. Needless to say, there is sufficient room to expand.
  • We continue to take on new projects. As of January, 2017, this Division employs 400 employees doing PCB Assembly, Wire Harnessing, Connector Assemblies and other special projects.
Our Capabilities
Automated in-line SMT assembly
YAMAHA YSP In-Line Solder Paste Printer
Aurotek 2 Slide PCB Router
Agilent Medalist I3070 series 5 ICT
SMD Pick ‘NPlace Machine
SMD Pick ‘N Place Machine Features :
  • One Surface mount Pick & Place machine (MY100-DXE- 200) with 40,000 CPH with 16 Nozzles and one more Pick & Place machine (MY9) with 21,000 CPH with 8 Nozzles
  • Touch less centering
  • Feeder Optimization
  • Electrical verification on new reels
  • Optical centering vision
  • Maximum PCB size 932 x 732 x 4.00 mm
Wave Soldering Machine
Wave Soldering Machine Features :
  • JT Electricals WS-450  – Two Machines
  • One machine with Nitrogen option and chiller fitted
  • One machine with Nitrogen and chiller option.
  • Both are capable of handling RoHS process
  • Closed-loop with inverter control system to keep stability and accuracy of the conveyor speed.
  •  Independent temperature control in the 3 pre-heating zones to achieve the best heat efficiency.
Automated Optical Inspection System
Automated Optical Inspection System Features :
  • Used for post print, pre reflow, mixed mode or post reflow applications
  • 100% inspection: presence, absence, polarity and placement accuracy as well as OCV and solder joints with Profiler® tool.
  • Jedec component library powered with Vectoral Imaging technology inspection tools.
  • Real-time Statistical Process Control (SPC) capability
  • Automatic conveyor width adjustment for boards up to 18” x 16”
  • Cycle time: from 170 000 to 400 000 components per hour
  • Powered by i-LITE (Programmable Illumination System)
Reflow Soldering Machine Rear View
Reflow Soldering Machine Rear View Features :
  • VI-TECH 8 Zone forced convention reflow soldering system (Model CR-820)
  • Capable of handling Nitrogen soldering
  • Capable of handling RoHS process
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