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Many great inventions – from computers to cars to airplanes – were invented by lesser known but highly motivated individuals working out of their garages or barns or basements. Once the product is developed, prototype built and patent registered, the real challenge begins.

Most inventors are ill prepared for challenges like how to mass produce the new product, package it, get industry certifications, and bring it into the marketplace at a competitive price and in a timely manner. Another challenging task in this process is protection of your intellectual property. Without this protection, your dreams will remain just dreams – because someone will steal your ideas before your dreams turn into reality.

This is where ITTI comes into play. With our world class factories located in multiple locations in India and a staff of highly qualified managers, engineers, scientists and other associates, we can take your design, re-engineer it if necessary, bring the cost to absolute minimum and set up a manufacturing shop while providing iron-clad protection of your intellectual property.

We will also obtain certifications like UL, CSA, ETL, FDA, EMA, ANVISA, and the like on your behalf. We will design packaging for retail, bar code it, prepare owner’s manual and also help you set up a globally acceptable quality management system to ensure zero defects quality.

We will advise you on product liability issues, on record-keeping and on post sales customer service including customer surveys.

We will also guarantee 97% on time delivery of your product to your destination.

In the last three years, we have developed the above described processes for the following brand new patents: a heated wiper blade assembly, PCB Assemblies for a newly invented brushless DC motor, a propane gas heater for indoor use (with zero carbon monoxide emission) with features so unique it will wow you!

And last but not the least, we will be happy to provide references from our highly satisfied clients.

I thank you for your time. Please call us and let us tell you some more. In the meantime, please browse through the rest of this website.

Don’t forget, we offer guarantee of zero defects quality and 97% on-time delivery performance at competitive pricing.