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Product Portfolio

PCB Assembly 1

PCB Assembly for Brushless DC Motor

PCB Assembly 2

PCB Assembly in Aluminum Enclosure

Ribbon Cable Assembly

Propane Gas Heater with Zero Emission

Heated Wiper Blade – Canadian Invention

Torque Adjuster for Commercial Refrigeration

Top Hold Open for Commercial Refrigeration

3-Pin Connector with Wire Harness (Commercial Refrigeration)

Fuel Tank

Examples of Stamping, Sheet Metal and Assy Jobs

Tipper Body (For Trash Collection)

Machined Castings

Plastic Injection Molding Tool

CNC Components

Copper & Brass Terminals

Brush Box Assemblies

Automotive Lock Assembly

Automotive Seat Assembly

ITTI Supplied Bodywork for the legendary Van Diemen Race Car (English Formula 3 Race Car) – Fiberglass Composites

ITTI Supplied Bodywork for this DPO2 Car (American Le Mans Series)Fiberglass Composites

Precision Stamping Components

Metal Chassis for Formula-3 Race Car

Race Car Using the Metal Chassis