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ITTI’s team is made up of highly qualified and experienced individuals from different fields. Each team member is an accomplished professional in his or her chosen field.

In addition to the names and pictures shown below, there are over three hundred technical and administrative associates involved in various activities such as Manufacturing Engineering, Design & Development, CAD/CAM, Project Management, HR, Logistics and so on. Total hourly work force between all facilities exceeds two thousand associates.

Ashok M. Thakkar (Tucker), President & CEO

Ashok Thakkar is President and CEO of the Johns Creek, GA (USA) based ITTI, LLC. Ashok has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Business Management and has visited over forty countries in Asia, Europe, Africa and North & South America to gain firsthand knowledge of management practices. He has lectured on the subject of Quality and Zero Defects Manufacturing in USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Egypt.

Ashok has had the opportunity to work with the late Dr. Kaoru Ishikawa, the father of Japanese Quality and is considered a leading voice on Zero Defects Quality, ISO 9000 Standards and Supply Chain Management.

Ashok is a published author and internationally recognized speaker. His path-breaking work in Zero Defects Quality and Supply Chain Management has won him international accolades. Two of Ashok’s numerous articles have been re-published in several languages internationally: “NEC’s Mini-Companies” (Originally published by ASQ’s Quality Progress) and “Rise and Fall of ISO 9000” (Originally published by Quality Digest). These are both US publications. Click on this link for other articles:

ITTI’s highly acclaimed publication entitled “Taking Quality Management System Into the Executive Suite” was authored and narrated by Ashok. The US Air Force purchased multiple copies of this ELT for their internal training.

Prior to starting ITTI, LLC, Ashok held a senior executive position at Cutler-Hammer Products, Eaton Corporation, Milwaukee, WI.

He has been on the faculties of University of Wisconsin (Milwaukee, WI), Marian College (Fond du Lac, WI) and Norbert Wiener University, Lima Peru. He was also affiliated with the Singapore Institute of Standards and Industrial Research (SISIR) and India’s National Center for Quality Management (NCQM). Between 1999 and 2006, he was “Profesor Visitante” at the Norbert Wiener University of Lima, Peru.

Ashok is a recipient of “State Leader in the Practice of TQM” award from the Governor of Wisconsin.

Bharati A. Thakkar (Barty Tucker), VP and Chief Financial Officer

Bharati Thakkar, co-founder of ITTI, is the Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of ITTI, LLC.

Bharati holds two Masters Degrees in Math & Statistics, one of which is from University of Illinois, Chicago. She also possesses an associate degree in Accounting. With over 40 years of work experience, Bharati brings administrative and financial excellence to ITTI.

Bharati has traveled extensively around the world. Having visited over 25 countries on four continents, she has acquired unique acumen in the world of business and special appreciation for cultural diversity.

Kamal Jain, VP of Business Development, CANADA

ITTI’s expansion into Canada is augmented by Kamal’s entry into our team.

Kamal is an Ontario based manufacturing professional.

He holds advanced degrees in engineering and business management from IIT Delhi and renowned Canadian universities.

Kamal has 45 years of experience in all aspects of managing small to medium sized manufacturing companies, with particular emphasis on tool and die and precision stamping operations.

With expertise in manufacturing excellence including efficiencies, manufacturing economics and cost reduction; sourcing, evaluating, commissioning world class suppliers and setting up, implementing and managing quality and environmental systems based on international standards, Kamal is very well positioned to deliver excellent value to our Canadian customers.

Abha Thakkar, Advisor-Social Responsibility

Madison, WI based Abha Thakkar is the Executive Director of Madison’s North Side Community Council as well as the Editor-in-Chief of Northside’s Newspaper.

Abha is an advisor to ITTI on Social Responsibility issues such as Community Welfare and Environmental Awareness activities. ITTI takes these issues very seriously and makes a serious attempt at making a contribution to the society with Abha’s help.

Manoj Shah, Procurement Director (INDIA)

With a Masters Degree and 35 years of executive experience, this dynamic personality is a recognized name in Indian Corporate Circles. Manoj is based in Mumbai, India (formerly Bombay).

While handling his duties as ITTI’s Procurement Director, Manoj is simultaneously the Managing Director of Maximaa Systems Ltd (a publicly traded company) and CEO of Maximaa Infoways (Pvt) Ltd., ITTI’s Outsourcing arm in India. Maximaa Infoways handles ITTI’s IT Enabled Services in India.

Manoj joined ITTI in late 2003 and is a very important part of our team. Manoj, along with his assistant, Varsha Mistry, is the primary decision-maker in qualifying ITTI’s Indian suppliers. Both of them are actively involved in managing an ISO 9001 registered company and possess unique knowledge of supply chain management.

Manoj is a frequent traveler to Europe and USA and maintains a strong knowledge base for the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry.

Abhay Thakkar, Director of Business Development, USA

With a Business Management Degree, 20 years of work experience and above average entrepreneurial spirit, Abhay brings to the table not only marketing skills, but also the knowledge of order fulfillment strategies.

Abhay also works on Digital Marketing strategies.

PCB Assembly Team, Bangalore, India
Nayanasudhan, Vice-president PCB Assembly Division

Nayanasudhan holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Telecommunications and has over 50 years of industrial experience in the fields of Manufacturing, ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Electronics Engineering. He possesses a strong background in design, manufacturing and testing of printed circuit boards, electronics assemblies and micanite sheet manufacturing. Nayanasudhan started his career at Indian Telephone Industries (ITI) where he worked for 7 years and then he joined Rao Insulating Company (RIC) as an assistant engineer. He worked his way up to the position of VP/GM at RIC. He currently is the VP of Electronics Engineering for ITTI’s PCB Assembly Operations in Bangalore, India.

Manjunath, Marketing Manager PCB Assembly division

Bangalore, India based Manjunath has a strong Executive background in the fields of Quality, Production and electronics design. He was a key contributor in developing and implementing ISO-9001 Quality Management System for ITTI’s Indian PCB assembly plant. He has strong experience in Production and Quality Control for printed circuit board assembly.

After graduating with a Degree in Electronics engineering in 2001, Manjunath joined ITTI as a junior engineer and quickly rose to the position of a Senior Executive in Charge of Quality and Electronic Operations.

Knowing all the customer needs and with good communication skills now handling Marketing and serving all the clients.

Asha Devi, Quality Control Manager PCB Assembly division

With a Diploma in Electronics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Applications and more than 12 years of experience in the Electronics Industry, Asha Devi manages the Quality Management System (QMS) at our PCB Assembly Division in Bangalore. Her strengths are: communications, time management and problem solving skills.

Hasan Khan, Purchase & Logistics Manager PCB Assembly Division

Hasan Khan has been associated with our PCB Assembly Division in Bangalore since 2008. He is responsible for logistics and international customer liaison. With his Electronics background and communication skills, he handles import and export business to generate exceptional customer satisfaction. He is also well versed in ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Narayana Reddy, Production Manager PCB Assembly division

Narayana Reddy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing Technology and has over 25 years of industrial experience including ISO 9001 quality management system. He started his career at Indian Telephone Industries, Bangalore and joined our PCB Assembly Division in the year 2000. He possesses strong background in manufacturing of electronic assemblies.

Raghavendra JP, Assistant production Manager PCB Assembly division

Raghavendra joined our PCB Assembly Division in Bangalore in 2009 as SMT (Surface Mount Technology) Technician and quickly rose to the position of Assistant Production Manager. With his engineering background, 13 years of experience and knowledge of machinery, he has become a very important member of the management team.

Ashvin Shah, CEO, Sheet Metal Fabrication and Stamping Division

ITTI’s Sheet Metal Fabrication Division is located in two cities – Pune and Pithampur, India. Between 4 separate buildings, this Division is spread on sprawling 250,000 sq. ft. foot print and 400 employees.

Headed by Mr. Ashvin Shah, this Division is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery, highly qualified team of associates and ISO 9001 QMS, serving a global clientele.

Rahul Shah, Logistics Director (INDIA)

Pune, India based Rahul Shah is ITTI’s Logistics Director. Rahul has a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA from UK.

Rahul has been associated with ITTI’s Indian partner Gatiman Group since January 2001. In addition to having overall responsibility for Sheet Metal Fabrication and Stamping, Rahul is also responsible for logistics and international customer liaison.

With his engineering background and MBA degree, Rahul brings unique qualifications for handling export business and generating exceptional customer satisfaction. Rahul is well versed in ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Ajay Pardeshi, CEO Castings Division

Mr. Ajay Pardeshi is associated with ITTI’s Indian Castings Division. Ajay is the CEO and Chairman of this Division located in Ahmedabad, India. These entities specialize in Machined Castings and Metal Working.

With international work experience of more than 45 years, Ajay has in-depth knowledge of Casting Technology. He is also well versed with ISO 9001 Quality Management System. Ajay is an outstanding Engineer with above average management skills. ITTI is proud to have him on our TEAM.

Somnath Ranade, Director Castings Division

Mechanical Engineer by Education and more than 35 years of international work experience has turned Somnath Ranade into a top-notch Technocrat. He shares top management responsibilities with Ajay Pardeshi at the Castings Division in Ahmedabad, India. He manages Finance, Purchase & Production activities for both these companies.

He possesses expertise in Assembly and Manufacturing of components and complete machines i.e. Blowers and Vacuum Pumps.

Siddharth Ranade, Associate VP (Operations) Castings Division

Siddharth is in charge of Operations at our Castings Division in Ahmedabad, India. He has strong expertise in Order Fulfillment Process. In addition to a Mechanical Engineering Degree, Siddharth also possesses an MBA in Operations Management from N.I.T.I.E, Mumbai. He brings to the table industrial experience in the Operations field along with modern management practices. He actively participates in the ISO 9001 Quality Management System.

Vishwesh Pardeshi, Associate VP (Business Development) Castings Division

Vishwesh Pardeshi, Associate VP for Business Development at the Castings Division, is in charge of new customer acquisition, government tenders, and vendor registration. He started his career as a Sales Engineer with Fisher Sanmar Limited in their Control Valve Division for 2 years. Later, he pursued his MBA from ICFAI University, Hyderabad. He brings to the table experience in engineering sales along with modern management practices. He is a certified Lead Auditor for Quality Management System based on ISO-9001-2015

Injection Molding Team – Bangalore, India
A.P. Venkatesan, CEO (Vinayaka Industrial Enterprises (VIE)) Injection Molding Division

Venkatesh manages overall operations of our Injection Molding Division in Bangalore, India, including product development, marketing, communications, and logistics. He develops and implements strategies to meet investor, consumer, and employee expectations.

Communicates with people inside and outside the company to discover what policies, products, and marketing strategies will help it move forward. Makes important decisions that affect the company’s direction and its employees.

Sathish Babu, Design Engineering Manager Injection Molding Division

With more than 10 years as a product designer allows Sathishbabu to build three-dimensional product models. He firmly believes in being a participating team member. His impeccable academic qualifications and work experience make him an effective design leader.

Suresh Babu, Plant Manager Injection Molding Division

As a skilled and successful operations and business unit manager with comprehensive experience driving successful operations, sales performance and staff management in fast-paced factory settings.Sureshbabu is also the chief liaison with foreign clients.