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India is one of the two most favored destinations for American and European companies to manufacture and market their goods. The country offers low cost, highly skilled engineering talent, exceptional management talent, investment hungry Government and a vast market within India as well as in neighboring Middle East, Africa and South Asia; but most importantly, India offers strong protection of your intellectual property.

Let ITTI assist you with Joint Ventures (JV) in India. This could be a financial equity partnership, technical collaboration, Acquisition or just a distributorship for your product

India offers several advantages over China:
  • India is the world’s largest democracy with an active judiciary, free and courageous press and freedom of movement as well as expression.
  • India has the world’s second largest pool of scientists and engineers after USA. These individuals are available at a fraction of cost compared to America and Europe. Remember that quite a large proportion of US Engineers, Scientists, Doctors and Professors are from India.

” India is chaotic on the surface, but stable underneath; China is stable on the surface, but chaotic from within.”
James McGregor, Author and China Expert

  • India has the world’s largest population of English speaking people (300 million).
  • According to CBS’ “60-Minutes”, the Indian Institute of Technology (6 Campuses) is tougher than Princeton, MIT and Stanford combined.
  • India’s Indian Institute of Management (eight campuses) (“B-Schools”) are comparable to Harvard and Wharton. India offers a large pool of MBA’s and trained managers.
  • India’s recently enacted Protection of Intellectual Property Law is tough and well enforced. The Indian Government strongly discourages copyright and patent infringements; whereas the Chinese Government actually encourages it.
  • India is generating wealth at a much faster rate than China as evidenced by the Forbes list of billionaires. This is a testimony to Indian businessmen’s entrepreneurial savvy.
  • The country offers a large market domestically as well as access to other markets in neighboring Middle East, South Asia and Africa.
  • India is fast emerging as a strong ally of the USA and EU
  • India does not have territorial ambitions or designs.

“Indian democracy has built-in shock absorbers which enable people to replace leaders.In China, you don’t have those shock absorbers.China’s regional disparities in income especially between the poorest and the richest will cause serious social dislocations.”s Andy Xie, Chief Economist, Asia-Pacific, Morgan Stanley

What can ITTI do for you?
  • ITTI has a strong presence in India including a Procurement Director and Procurement Engineers.
  • Ashok Thakkar, ITTI’s CEO maintains a strong network of contacts in India including leading businessmen and women, Chief Ministers, high ranking Government officials, and leaders in academics.
  • ITTI can find a national distributor for your product, an equity partner to establish manufacturing operations or a licensee for technical collaboration without equity.
  • ITTI will guarantee a highly ethical handling of your account.
  • ITTI will assist you with legal support and initial planning until the Indian operations are functional and producing results.
  • ITTI will find you a trustworthy, capable and experienced partner in India, who will take care of local formalities and procedures including necessary licenses and permits.
  • ITTI’s representative will accompany you on a visit or visits (as necessary) to India.
  • If requested, we will assist you with developing and implementing a world class Quality Management System per ISO 9001.

In short, we will be there when you need us.